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The NCPACP was formed to break the silos in the healthcare arena by promoting a collaborative forum that brings professionals together across the continuum of caregiving.We provide educational and certification programs that enhance the knowledge of practitioners in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, adult day care centers, hospice agencies, home care agencies, independent living communities, retirement living senior apartments, assisted living facilities and more. Today’s best health systems are evolving toward an integrated model in which interdisciplinary teams of providers manage the complexity of care most patients need and deserve.

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Let’s thrive in the evolving healthcare landscape. Let's break down the “silos“ of care. Let's foster environments that support collaboration. Let's achieve better patient outcomes. Let's share best practices. Let's improve the quality of care.

NCPACP Online University

The NCPACP is proud to offer certification programs for healthcare professionals in acute and post-acute care settings.

These programs are comprised of online courses featuring the latest content.


The mission of the NCPACP is to provide a forum for collaborative engagement among healthcare professionals which unites workers across the care continuum in order to promote quality care, enhance the patient’s experience, and decrease the cost to providers.

Eliminating silos fosters innovation and increases productivity by unlocking the information required for collaboration.

NCPACP provides valuable resources, services, education, and networking opportunities both locally and nationally.

NCPACP believes in relevant care that is supported by a workforce which is suited to the population’s healthcare needs and is essential to the delivery of high quality care. Members of NCPACP include all healthcare professionals in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, transitional care facilities, home care, and hospice.